A small living room is not a big problem nowadays. We know that the growing population can do that. Thus, home designers come up with solutions that can fill your living room without being stuffy. Let’s look at how to decorate a small living room.

1. Add Living Colors

White is a common thing for a small space, but living colors? Living colors are bright, and something bright always reflects light. I don’t want to fill my house with white, but for living colors, I’d say yes.

As the name suggests, they can liven things up, especially when mixed with other colors. Opt for colorful cushions, wall art, and rugs. You can also make those living colors into life by placing some pots of colorful flowers, like daffodils and tulips.

A small living room with blue walls, colorful pillows and some wall art are perfect to brighten up your room. By mixing some other colors your room will be more interesting and inviting.
Using purple wall paint, pink sofa, and white colored flowers, this small living room is perfect for you to use. With this ornate decoration your small living room will look amazing.
Using bright colors for decorating a small living room is the right choice. You can apply light blue walls, striped carpet and colorful pillows with reach patterns to make the living room looks interesting. To give a natural touch in your living room decor you combine your modern sofa with rattan chair and foot stools.
Having a small living room that is brightly colored and using attractive decorations such as rugs, art, and pink flowers are very good idea. Your room will be more bright and colorful. To give contrast look in your living room decor, place pattern rug in black and white colors.

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2. Go Vertical behind the Sofa

There is always room around the sofa. People usually fill it with jars that take up a lot of space and don’t work. Why don’t you fill it with bookshelves? Arrange several books on certain sides. Then add some decorations such as a table clock, vase and a set of tea above the rest if you want. This is a cunning but effective way to add height and visual interest to the room.

Choosing a living room decoration that is equipped with a bookshelf and some interesting decorations such as vases that contain plants are very suitable to enhance your room decor. Because your living room will be more useful and no space left in vain.
The living room which has a bookshelf behind the sofa is a good idea to take benefit the free space in your room. Rather than you don’t using the space, better for you build vertical bookshelf and make your room more useful and interesting.
Complementing the small living room with bookshelves and attractive decoration such as a small clock on the bookshelf, lanterns, and some flower vases are perfect for you to use. Because decoration like in the picture above will make your living room look perfect.
A small living room surrounded by bookshelves and attractive decorations such as flower vases, table lamps and pianos are a great choice to make your small living room more useful and interesting. Completed with other ornaments, so your small living room will look amazing.

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3. Live with Minimalism

Minimalist furniture always fits in a small space. Minimalist furniture is that made of thin, but strong frame materials like metal. And when decorating a small living room, you need to think of minimalism concept.

If you live alone in an apartment, having an LDK room won’t hurt anyone. Choose furniture with colors that are suitable when paired together. Then size the room up with mirrors.

The concept that is suitable for a small living room is a minimalist concept. One of the, you can use minimalist furniture like in the picture above. Just place a simple sofa and a rattan chair are enough for your living room decor. If you can’t place a cabinet to store your things, you can build floating racks at the corner of your room. You can store your things on there and get a net look.
Using minimalist furniture such as a table, a metal chair and a sofa are a good idea to make your small living room not to look cramped. Just install an abstract painting is very supporting to make your small living room looks neat and clean.
Choosing a thin but strong wooden table is perfect for a minimalist concept in a small living room. Pair with minimalist sofa and pattern rug to get a perfect look. And then to fill your walls, you can place some wall gallery in black and white colors to strengthen the minimalist concept.
One way to decorate a small living room to make it look attractive, you can use small furniture. With a table in metal frame will be very strong and look minimalist.

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4. Practical Furniture

Practicality and functional are friends in small spaces. That means every furniture should be both decorative and valuable. If you live by yourself in an apartment, opt for a pullout sofa that doubles as a bed. You can also use a pullout table that hides a small coffee one. Thus, the room can be both a bedroom and a living room. Put a bookshelf, and it triples as a reading room. Decorating a small living room should be fun activities for singles or young couples. Ready to try these ideas?

To create a living room that has high practicality and functionality you can apply decorations like in the picture above. Which unites the living room with a pull bed like in the picture above is perfect for you to use because it is very practical. If you don’t use the bed you can pull back the bed, so you will have a free space for doing some activities.

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Using a sofa that can be folded and replaced with a bed are the right choice for those of you who live in small apartments. Because with this design your living room will look practical.
One way to make the small living room of your apartment look practical, you can use furniture like in the picture above. With a foldable sofa, a hidden bookshelf will make your living room look functional.

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