Small apartment kitchen décor doesn’t have to be drab and boring. Cover the limited space with fun, bright colors. A small kitchen is usually easier for playing with colors because there is enough space to experiment in a more controlled way.

What colors should you incorporate into a small kitchen? How can you experiment with them? Here are some ideas to try.

1. Bright Red Kitchen

Red is a color that increases the appetite, which makes it a great option for a kitchen. You can use red as the main color scheme, such as for all the cabinets and pendant lamps. Leave the other surfaces in neutral colors, such as white, grey, or beige. 

The sleek red cabinet will be an attractive furniture for decorating a small apartment kitchen. So that your room looks bright using white wall paint.
Red iron cabinet will be furniture that is durable and durable. Balance with bright walls and some wood material so it doesn’t look dark.
Red and white decor in your kitchen will make the apartment look minimalist. Use bright colors for tables and walls to help brighten up a dark room.
If the apartment kitchen decor you want looks minimalist and luxurious, use a sleek red cabinet and white walls. Add some other furniture to make it look perfect.

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2. Citrus Kitchen

Citrus colors are great for a kitchen because they evoke freshness. Colors like lime green, tangerine, lemon, and grapefruit red create an exciting color theme for a kitchen. You can choose one color as the main theme or combine two and even three colors in one kitchen.

To get a fresh atmosphere in your kitchen, use furniture with citrus colors. Wooden chimneys can be an important furniture.
Yellow tangerine cabinets and wooden floors will be a festive and festive apartment kitchen decoration.

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Combination of lime green with white will make your kitchen decor look more minimalist. Add cute hanging lamps to help light up your room.

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The tangerine color dominance can add to the impression of luxury in your small kitchen. It would be more beautiful if you mix with gray wall paint.
If you want to be more passionate about cooking in the kitchen? The combination of tangerine and white colors can add to your cooking enthusiasm.

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3. Bright Yellow Kitchen

Another appetite-inducing color, yellow is a great shade to infuse warmth into a small kitchen. The bright color also creates a “large room” illusion, a great alternative of white. You can choose yellow as the main color scheme or as a bright splash.

Yellow kitchen set will make your kitchen look cheerful. If the yellow looks excessive, you can outsmart the color of the brown floor and white walls.
If you want to look more spacious kitchen you can combine the kitchen set with lemon yellow and white walls. In order to impress natural use wood patterned flooring.
The combination of yellow and black in the kitchen set makes your kitchen look luxurious. It would be more beautiful if you put a few flower pots on it.
Amazing yellow hidden cabinet that makes your apartment kitchen look more spacious. You can put shelves to fill the empty space.

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4. Exposed Brick Kitchen

Traditional exposed bricks infuse warmth and earthy look into a kitchen. You can use the bricks to add natural colors into the room. What is the best thing about these walls? They can be combined with other colors easily, such as black, white, grey, blue, red, and many more.

Try Exposed brick as your small kitchen wall to make it look more classic. Also use a hanging lamp to make it more beautiful.
Your kitchen will look artistic with using exposed brick. Also attach lots of glass windows to make it brighter.
By using red bricks on the kitchen apartment walls you will always give your decor a more natural and artistic look. The chessboard floor can also support your kitchen decor.
The combination of red brick with white walls will make your kitchen decor feel warm and natural and look bright.

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5. Kitchen with Bicolor Cabinets

Are you used to see kitchens with one-color cabinets? Spice things up by installing bicolor cabinets. Many cabinet products have two contrasting tones, which add a unique element to a regular small kitchen. For example, there are black-and-white, red-and-white, green-and-white, and many more.

Small apartment decoration ideas with white and wooden cabinet to create a soft glow in your kitchen. Use a few hanging lamps to make it look bright.
The combination of blue with light green cabinet will add a unique element to your kitchen decor so it looks more attractive and more colorful.
If your apartment kitchen wants to look more elegant, use bright furniture. For example a combination of gray with white cabinet.
If your hanging cabinet uses white, the cabinet underneath uses a different color such as gray. This will make your kitchen decor look more colorful.
To provide a calm contrast in your kitchen decor, you can try a cabinet with two colors. Usually the combination of white and gray is an elegant color trend.

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A small apartment kitchen décor can get a lot of improvement from bright colors. Don’t hesitate to experiment with bright colors and create the artsiest kitchen in your small house.