Farmhouse-style decor can make any room feel homier. Thanks to authentic items that can bring up that cozy feeling even to a bathroom. A little farmhouse charm here and there creates a relaxing ambience. Here are some of those ideas.

Large Wooden Mirrors

A mirror can make a major impact if you place it correctly. It also can be a focal point in the bathroom. You can give an authentic farm touch by adding a simple wooden frame on your mirror, perhaps using the same wooden material on the shelves and vanity. It can give a nice continuous look to the entire room.

To provide an authentic touch in your bathroom, the use of a large wooden mirror is the best solution you can try. Besides the mirror will also make a big impact if you place it correctly.
A large wooden mirror with a square shape will display a good bathroom decoration continuously throughout the room well. Add adequate lighting to support the look of your room.
Wood that is applied to the mirror will look tougher and warmer. Enhance the look of the mirror by hanging the lamp right in front of it.
Take advantage of an empty wall space to hang your wooden mirror. The entire bathroom which is dominated by wood will feel warmer and more environmentally friendly.
To display the authenticity of a farmhouse style in your bathroom, the use of white wood mirrors is one of its characteristics. This idea is easy enough for you to try and do it.
Rustic bathroom decor will look authentic using old items such as wooden mirrors and shabby zinc vanity. This design does not require much cost to create it.

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Brass Accent

Farmhouse interior does not always have to be wood. You can also add brass bathroom accessories to make a shining statement. For example, a silver toilet paper holder, golden faucet or even a dark brass shower. The luxurious color makes a subtle accent to a warm room.

Brass accents can also be one of the characteristics of a farmhouse, you can use it through the mirror frame, light cup and even brass faucets. This brass accent will appear brighter.
Use some brass accents on your faucet, shower and mirror frame to display a more radiant atmosphere and can be a bathroom accessory that looks luxurious and warm.
Instead of using wood with brass accents on your taps and lights, this is one inspiration that can change the appearance of your bathroom decor perfectly. This idea is easy enough for you to try.
Brass accents combined with wood materials will reinforce the style of your farmhouse bathroom. Farmhouse style does not require a lot of costs, so it is suitable for design on a budget.
There is nothing wrong when giving a silver touch to the modern decoration of a farmhouse. This decoration will always be suitable for an age at any time, because of its sleek and contemporary appearance.

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Green planter

Freshen any casual bathroom by adding green plants. You can have three or five mason jars filled with small plants or flowers. It can be placed inside a wooden box anywhere in the bathroom. Either real or fake, it is a nice idea that you can put together yourself.

Take advantage of ceramic pots that you don’t use as pots of green plants placed in the bathroom to refresh each of your casual bathrooms. Place it in an area that you often pass by.

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When you do not have much room in the bathroom, then hanging several types of green plants on wooden stairs is the right idea for you. Hang it with an iron chain to make it stronger.

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Place the greenery correctly and precisely so that it can work properly and as it should. You can put two pots with the same type of plant.

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Putting green plants with glass pots between mirrors can also be done in your bathroom decor. Green plants can help the bathroom to avoid moisture.
Bring a fresh atmosphere in the bathroom by using green plants that are large enough. You can put it on a bench so that it is higher in accordance with the bathtub you are using.
Put several types of pots with different plants in one room in the bathroom to create a refreshing natural atmosphere. With this you will feel comfortable for long while bathing.

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Wooden Open Shelves

Why not enhance a farmhouse-style with a few floating wooden shelves. You can have them arranged in tiers. They can save space, add a rustic feel, and also have decorative items.

Open wooden shelves you can put in your bathroom. Use wood to show a rustic feel that is simple and can easily arrange toiletries neatly.

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An easy way to find toiletries when needed is to use a floating wooden rack. You can repaint the shelves in white to match the modern style of the farmhouse you are craving.
Space saving storage is suitable for those of you who have a small bathroom decor. You can use vertical racks to get more of your toiletries.
Add an iron basket to your floating rack to arrange your toiletries to look more presentable and organized. Here you can save space by utilizing a wall space that is still empty.
Hang your wooden shelf in the corner of the bathroom or right in front of your bathtub to make it easier to take items that are needed, such as towels, soap or cotton.

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Wooden Basket

These large baskets with brownish color make a great addition to your bathroom. They are versatile and come in different sizes. It can be extra storage for dirty clothes, bathroom accessories, towels, and even candles.

Organize your toiletry items neatly so that they are easy to find when needed. Use a wooden basket as a storage container that is simple but looks attractive.

Choose a large wooden basket to put your dirty clothes so as not to scatter. So that the room looks more presentable and avoid chaos.
Use a container for extra storage of your dirty clothes. A brownish wooden basket is a good idea for decorating a farmhouse bathroom.
Wooden basket with a large size you can use for various storage. For example, clean and folded towels you can put into this basket.
Place a wooden basket next to the toilet to make it easier for you to put dirty clothes. This basket helps you from the mess of the bathroom. This idea is quite inspiring.

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Farmhouse bathroom decor can be overwhelming due to its large size. Make use of the wall and add small fixtures for an authentic feel without overdoing it. The items above can be a great idea, to begin with. Happy decorating.