The bathroom is usually the smallest room in your house that is sometimes overlooked. Home developers sometimes pay less attention to the design of the bathroom, which is vital. We need to realize that besides the bedroom, the bathroom is also the room that we visit most often at home.

The clean and hygiene element that must be emanated from the bathroom is sometimes absent, and instead, we are presented with chaos. Limited space is often the reason expressed by people who are overwhelmed in arranging their bathrooms. Don’t worry; we will help bring a solution to this problem through the tips below!

Go All White

It’s no longer a secret that the white color can give the impression of a wider and brighter room. Mix and match the white color on some of your bathroom fixtures, or you can also apply it on a wall.

The combination of white shades throughout the bathroom with wooden furniture makes the room look spacious, clean and warm. You can add greenery on a small bench to sweeten the room.
White shades in the bathroom decor give the impression of a more spacious and bright room. This decorating idea is suitable and is the best solution for those of you who have a small bathroom.

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The use of white in bathroom decor will make the room not stiff. To add to the broad impression you can use a large glass that is attached to the wall of your bathroom.
Give a touch of wood and gold color in your white bathroom to beautify and give a more stylish impression. You can create a vintage impression with the use of old-fashioned chairs.
Go all white supported by the use of glass walls will enhance the design of your bathroom. In this way makes it easier to achieve the goal of the room looks more spacious and comfortable.
You can make the bathroom look more spacious by using all-white color. Use sliding glass doors to save space properly. Hanging gold lamp adds to the modern impression.

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Pick Compact Pieces

You don’t need to force all the fixtures into the bathroom. If you are smart enough, choose some furniture that not only has one but several functions to save space.

Do not use too much furniture in the bathroom to save space, take advantage of an empty wall space to hang a rectangle mirror that is equipped with towel storage.

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Buy bathroom furniture that has a double function. For example vanity which is equipped with wooden shelves underneath. You can use it to put clean towels or other toiletries.
When you want to create a minimalist bathroom, then avoid using furniture excessively. Use a mirror frame for hanging storage in order to put your bathroom needs.
Transparent vanity table is a good idea to get a wider bathroom decoration. You can use it to store towels or vases as if they would be seen floating.
The selection of double-functional furniture is very useful for decorating your bathroom to save space. For example a sliding hanging mirror that is equipped with a hanging rack inside. This furniture is quite unique and very interesting.
Adding an iron rack to the vanity table allows you to hang the towel you have already used. In addition you can also use the empty space underneath in order to save space properly and perfectly.

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Customize Your Cabinet

Sometimes the size or design of the cabinet available at the market does not match the area and theme of your bathroom. Make your cabinet so that it can accommodate your personal needs.

Place a hanging cabinet in the corner of the room to minimize space in your bathroom. Add round mirrors and scone lights to perfect your storage cabinet.
Choose a cabinet according to your bathroom design. When you want to save space, then choosing a cabinet that is not too large is the best solution you can try.
You can place a large white cabinet by attaching it to your ceramic wall. Choose a cupboard that can accommodate all your personal needs properly.
Vanity which is equipped with a storage cabinet can be furniture that you can try to decorate your bathroom. Choose a neutral color that matches the feel of your bathroom.
Wooden cabinets can arrange personal needs in the bathroom neatly and well. Wood material looks more sturdy, durable and durable because it is not porous easily in a long period of time.

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Omit Shower Door

Installing a door in a shower area means the obligation to calculate how much room is taken up. Remove the door of your shower area, so you can move the shower located in the corner of the room to create a bigger place.

Instead of using the shower door with the room open so as not to waste a lot of room in your bathroom. Give natural lighting with the use of large and wide glass windows.

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To create a bigger room, avoid using the shower door, because this door will take up a lot of space when opened.
When you still want to choose to use the shower door, then use transparent glass. Put the shower in the corner of the room to save space.
Sliding glass door shower is one of the ideas to save bathroom space perfectly, because the sliding door does not take up much space. You can try it for bathroom makeover ideas.

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Maximize the Use of Walls

Very often, people just focus on placing fixtures on the floor rather than the upper wall. You can try to put open shelving and hang it on your wall to create a neat impression and save space.

The minimalist bathroom has a beautiful and beautiful monochromatic style look. Take advantage of the ceramic walls to increase storage by hanging wooden rack.
The smart way to change the look of the bathroom so it is not monotonous is the use of vertical racks in the corner of the room. With this your room will appear neater and orderly.

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Utilizing an empty wall space into a storage idea is the best way you can try in decorating your bathroom. Give a touch of nature with the use of wooden furniture.
Hanging a wooden rack over the toilet will make it easier for you to place your luggage. Besides this rack you can use to sweeten the room by placing vases and frames.
Helping the walls for storage is quite unique for you to do. This idea is an inspiration for those of you who have a small bathroom, this open shelf creates a neat impression and saves space.
When you have a bathroom with a small size, then maximizing the use of walls is the right idea that you can try. Place the hanging rack in the corner of the room, add lights to display the beauty of this rack.

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In essence, the principle for a small bathroom is that you must minimize many things and stuff. ‘Less is more’ becomes a guide for those who want to feel the vast effects of a room. Calculate how much space you managed to save when applying the design ideas that have been presented!