Are you planning your home decoration? Then you must be in a thrilling mode right now. Enhancing your place is, of course, excites but scares you at the same time. While picking from color to furniture is a fun thing to do, making the wrong decision is naturally something you wish to avoid. Why not checking out these easy chic home décor ideas we guarantee you will love.

Do You Dare for Black Paint? Who’s Scare?

People normally won’t choose black for their wall painting. However, painted in black won’t make your room look scary. Choose one spot of the house and be experimental with soft black paint color. For example, a reading spot with matching furniture will elevate an elegant and warm feel to the scene.

The choice of black paint accompanied by yellow lighting gives a warm look that makes you comfortable when in the bathroom. The choice of black paint can be an interesting inspiration for those of you who enter into this room.
Apply black and white paint to the walls of your bedroom to get a cool monochromatic style. Add a faux fur carpet to coat your marble floor as a warm footwear. This idea becomes your inspiration to renovate your home.

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There is no harm when using black paint in your bathroom decor. Give a touch of gold to the vanity, faucet and dinging shower room to give a luxurious appearance that is not excessive. Bright lighting can also support the perfection of your bathroom.
Give a touch of neutral color on your white blanket to balance the feel of a black bedroom that looks elegant and cool. Hanging lamps that have a larger size can also be used as a multi functional decorative item.
The black color on the walls and floor is a dining room decoration that looks luxurious when combined with a touch of gold on some furniture. Give a sweet finishing touch by placing a golden ball on the surface of the dining table.
Black, gold and white combined in one room make your bathroom decor look more colorful. In addition to getting to elegance, this decoration is also a luxury design choice that is not excessive.
Experiment with soft black paint that is applied to the walls of your living room. Animal print carpet becomes a more dazzling finishing touch and provides attractive colors that you can try to decorate your home at this time.

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Be Artistic with Entryway

For an instant chic vibe, have fun with your entryway. Make it the most enchanting and unique area by placing stunning accents. You can hang a classic wall mirror and marry it with metallic gold table. Or else, you can display couples of abstract painting or artistry photographs.

Make your entrance a warm welcome for guests who come to your house. Hang a classic mirror that has a unique shape to make it more attractive. Green plants can be a beautiful finishing touch.

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Give an artistic touch in your entrance area as an enchanting decorative item, also add a wicker basket under the bench as a storage that is quite easy to do.

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No need to put too much furniture in your entrance area to get plenty of room to move. Mirror with gold frame is enough to provide an attractive sheen charm.

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In addition to classic mirror, using some art photos can also beautify your entrance, perfect with vintage runners and snake greenery.
Dark colored walls that are equipped with art paintings with several different themed frames can adorn the entrance to the maximum. You can also add a boho style to the carpet you are using.
Two color tones applied to your driveway give a cool and stunning feel. Take advantage of the empty wall space to hang some art photos.

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Accent Wallpaper

Speaking of chic décor, wallpaper can give a drastic change to your place. But this time, do not install the paper decoration in your entire wall. Simply pick a wall and make a statement out of it. For example, if you have a grand piano, place it near your accent wallpaper. Voila! You’ll just create a dazzling focal point.

When you have a grand piano, accent wallpapers can enhance your decor. Give a soft touch of color to the pendant light and your chair.
Wood material gives a natural and warm impression in the decoration of your grand piano. To emphasize this room you can add accent wallpapers such as paintings and map maps with large sizes.
The walls of the grand piano room which are filled with paintings give a beautiful and beautiful artistic impression. Give a sprig of green plants with glass pots to refresh the room.
Abstract painting is an option to enhance your grand piano’s room decor. Show with black and white so that the monochromatic style can get into well and beautiful.
Decorate your plain walls with several different art paintings. White shades can change the room to be more spacious and clean. Show well and as beautiful as possible.

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Statement-Making Large Art

Besides the wallpaper, hanging a large wall art will create a strong statement of a room. Choose something eclectic, color-rich, or vibrant. The enchanting artwork makes your room fancier.

Choose a work of art that can change the look of your home to be more attractive. Hang abstract paintings into a strong statement in a room.
Rectangle artwork that covers part of your wall gives its own charm that is not boring. In addition, this art decoration will not be boring for those who see it.
So that your white walls do not look plain and monotonous, then painting with a large size becomes the best solution you can do. Add pillows with colorful colors to make it more cheerful.
Buy a large size of wall art in accordance with the decoration of your living room at this time. Choose wall art in black and white as an amazing statement.
Your living room will be more attractive when using abstract paintings that have a larger size. Hang on the gray wall to give the impression of modern and modern.

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Two Shades

Pick a room and fill it with a two-color combo. For example, your dining room. You can play blue and wood tone by placing wooden dining set and let your tablecloth, curtains, and kitchenette speak for the blue.

Choose two shades in your bathroom to create a different room and not too monotonous. For example, navy and white ceramic on the wall. This is a perfect example.
Navy and white are natural color choices for decorating your bathroom. Wooden accents in vanity give a warm, natural and simple impression.
Playing blue and white tones makes bathroom decor look more elegant, you can add artwork as a unique and beautiful artistic impression.
When you need an idea to renovate a home office, then playing two nuances becomes one of the ideas that you can apply. Choose two colors that match like navy blue and white.
Paint some walls of your kitchen with blue and some with white. This will give a beautiful appearance because it plays two different colors.

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Make sure you do not miss out the six designs above. Let your family and friends enjoy how chic and fancy your home could be.