Before building your house, you need to consider what rooms should have to accomodate your needs. For those whose space is not too large, they must think what rooms are at the top of must-have list. A garage can be your consideration if you have a car. Though you only have small space, you can get around with it to build a functional yet practical garage.

For safety reason, your car needs a garage since it protects your car from dust, heat, rain, and bad weather. The small space, then, is not your barrier to make it true. If you are  still no idea about how to deal with small space to build a garage, this article may be your guideline since here we provide description of the ideas and some inspiring garage pictures.

A garage is not only a place for parking your car, but it is also the place to warehouse, a toyshop, or even a workshop. Some people also like to spend much time there just to make their garage as a favorite place. Realize that you only have a small space to build the garage, you must maximize the minimal space you have. First of all, consider your tile. The idea of applying epoxy now becomes popular since it gives you more durable flooring ideas. As everyone hopes to have flooring process once, epoxy can be one of the idea. On the other hands, it for those who want to apply tiles, it is great as well.

For a small spaced garage, storages are very important. As there are many tools and stuffs you have, extra storages need to be considered. Build your extra storages on the wall. You can have floating shelves or racks to save the space. This idea lets you have a free space under the shelves or racks so that you can use it for other functional purposes. Besded, you can also consider to have a cabinet to store smaller items and tools. Since it is reachable, it eases you to find the ones you need. To store bigger stuffs like ladder and bicycle, place them on the ceiling. Install hooks to hang your bicycle up high. Having a small spaced garage forces you to get many tricky ideas to make your space looks bihher than the real it is. So, get the ones you can try at yours from the gallery.