Your backyard can be the place with such an amazing function with the main function to be the greenery. The greenery it self could be related with the kinds of planters and the plants. Those two things have such a huge variation that you can choose based on your outdoor decoration needs or your greenery needs. You can really do lot of things with your backyard that even in a low budget but so much worthy.

Let’s start with the planter first that might be will be the part of your backyard decoration that needs the budget. In case you have a low budget, you can do your own DIY projects so that you can minimize the budget and get the best planter designs that you want based on your imagination and personal taste. You can have it from pallet wood, unused plastic bottles, brick, and more.

Talking about the planter designs, you can adjust it based on the style that you want. Or, you can have it by make it in harmony with your home decoration. For example if you have rustic or farmhouse home decoration, then you can make the planter by using pallet wood since it can really work well to bring out such a warm rustic impression.

For the plants, if you want to focus on the aesthetic value, then you can have flowers or any plants that have beauty so that your garden decoration could be really adorable. In otherwise, if you want to make it has an extra usage, then you can use your backyard to plant some herbs, vegetable or fruits which is really worthy so that you can have your own healthy foods from your own backyard.