Gallery wall is a new idea in the world of interior design that is quite popular. The gallery wall came and made many changes in the development of interior design so far. The gallery wall can always steal the show because of its unique and unique composition. Thus, the gallery wall is able to attract the eyes of all who see it. The concept of gallery walls is an idea that helps some people who really like art.

Everyone would want a house with a charming interior design. Through this gallery wall, they can pour all their art ideas in one place. So it’s time for you to start creating gallery walls like the following example. A good gallery wall can be in the form of pictures, both art and photos. It could also be more than that. To make a good gallery wall, start with your favorite pictures like photos, pictures, or art, and then start adding things you like postcards from your favorite holidays.

Although, making a gallery wall is very easy and simple, but we actually have a few tips for making a good gallery wall composer. The first is, maintaining color continuity. Color plays an important role in almost every aspect of design. When taking your gallery wall to the next level, think of colors first. Because every picture has its own art and beauty. The bedroom is a privacy room, so pay attention to some of the pictures.

Playing with levels in this way creates beautiful moments. You can place different sizes of art frames, to create beauty. For example by placing several large image sizes as icons. So, there is something to punch there. Besides playing with levels, you can also play with colors. Playing colors is a very influential thing, because harmonized colors will display extraordinary works of art.