Garden bed can be a solution for you who want to have such a well organized garden by categorize it based on the plants type. It is kind of planter that is designed into container with certain size based on your needs in your planting plans. You can also adjust the size based on the plants size or the way it grows. Whether it grows vertically or vine horizontally.

For the garden bed, since it is really simple and easy then you can make the DIY of it. You just need to prepare the materials that can be found in your home like your unused wood pallet where you just have to nail it and form in square or rectangle shape. Add the soil into it and spread out the seed then all you have to do is just wait for the seed to grow. Wood will the easiest material to make a garden bed, go try it!

In using the wood pallet, you can combine it with other material like the iron sheeting. You can use it as the walls of the container so that your garden bed can have a different look. Or, you can add it with wire net to keep it save from the animals like birds or chickens. It is match for you who live near the village or at the area where there are still animals around. You might won’t need it if you live in the town.

The other material that you can use is the cinder block, brick, or wood. It is also easy to be found and to be made. Your problem might be on how you can manage it to stick together because you will need cement. It is quite different with the wood where you just need nail. But if you wish to have the more durable one than the wood then those three materials can be your choice.