Cinder block must be really familiar for you and here we are going to show you on how amazing cinder block could be for your decorating needs. You can make some DIY projects by using cinder block for your outdoor space that could be for planter needs or other decorative stuff which are located in your outdoor area and utilized for your outdoor needs.

Let us start from the most common thing that is the planters. You can set the cinder block into stages with certain arrangement to achieve the design that you want. You can stick it together by using cement or simply compile it together. Then, if you have an extra look, you can give color into your cinder block or paint it with patterns that can represent your outdoor decoration style.

The other thing that you can have by using cinder block is the fire pit. It is really needed for your patio in case the weather is start to be cold so that you can keep comfortable to have your outdoor gathering over there. You just need to simply arrange it form square shape and the your fire pit is done. You can give colors or any touch to beautify your fire pit and not to make it looks boring.

Do the DIY seat project for your patio by using cinder block will be also worthy. It is really simple and can give you such an industrial look that will be really match for your modern style. Add with certain materials that needed based on the design that you are going to make. Use the pictures above as your design references. Good luck!