Laundry room becomes the room that is not given the concern for the decoration. However, it is one of the important rooms that should be decorated into the proper one. Since it only needs small space, then it is better for you to start giving your concern on it because I do believe that it won’t need too much time and money to do the renovation in it.

The interesting fact about renovating your laundry room is that you can have it by doing the DIY project. It means that you can do it yourself and utilizing your before stuffs to create such a worthy and appropriate laundry room. You can even add extra touches to give beauty for your laundry room so that your laundry activity won’t be boring.

Basically there are things that you can do to renovate your laundry room, but the first thing might be on the storage or shelves existence which is really important to put your laundry needs like detergent, softener, and more. To save your budget, you can make the DIY of the shelves and storage that will only needs wood, baskets, and any other materials just based on the storage or shelves design that you want.

The other thing that you need is the baskets to put your dirty clothes or to put the clothes that are done washed before it is being dried. You can provide at least two baskets here, but if you think you need to separate your dirty clothes based on its fabric materials, then it is always allowed for you to have it. After that you can move to the surround decoration like the wall, the floor, and some ornament to beautify your laundry room.