Adding decorative accents to your home makes a big difference in developing a warmly welcoming atmosphere. When people first look at your home, it’s the exterior part they will notice first. From the exterior design, people will also get the impression of the whole of your home. To make your exterior design more interesting, flower can be the solution.

Flowers can bring spring time to your home. With their pop of color, flowers are the things that will totally beautify the house look. To give you more inspiring idea on how flowers live up your exterior design, check the gallery below.

Making flower beds can be the best solution to organize your frontyard, sideyard, and backyard as the effective way to plant your flowers. Flower beds can also become your media to plant herbs, vegetables, or shrubs. Let’s talk about the sideyard first. It is the part that you may forget but you know you can do more with it. Make a flower box then choose pink flowers contrasting with white blossom. Complete your box with deep green hosta lilies to make it more fabulous.

For your backyard, provide seats just to spend your spare time enjoying the bloom of your flowers. Tile deck with built-in flower beds sounds interesting to have. Have them with the flowers you love, like all white roses to give elegant touch, lavenders, or tulips. Moreover, for your frontyard, you can try to have gravel yard with plant bed. Gravel is used to separate the yard and the bed. You may opt eye-cathing colored gravel like blue, red, or orange. This idea allows you to plant herbs, rosemary plants and ornamental grasses with various colors, heights, and textures. The next idea is having a flower bed with clay pots. Put the pot half-burried on the gravel then plant the flowers you like. It is possible for you to plant more than one kinds of flowers for each pot. So, be ready to transform your boring exterior design into a wow design using some flowers.