4 DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations You Can Copy

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Christmas is soon to come, and Christmas decorations cannot be more fun to do. Outdoor Christmas decorations DIY ideas are never boring. It is amazing how many fun things you can do for celebrating the big day. Simple things, like LED lights and twig tree, might surprisingly be the best DIY outdoor Christmas decorations.

Check our lists below on DIY Christmas decorations for your outdoor space and get inspired. 

1. Whimsical Reindeer

Trying to find a cool idea for your outdoor decorations? LED lights can surprisingly be your best friends! You can draw the pattern of your DIY Christmas decorations. Reindeer outlines would make a good choice to make your yard more fascinating. Set the LED lights onto the patterned wire, and, voilà, a whimsical reindeer is ready to welcome your guests!

To make your yard more attractive at a Christmas day, put a whimsical reindeer with LED lights to greet your guests.

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Outdoor christmas decorations by placing Reindeer Family in your yard then add led lights to make it more attractive for christmas decorations.
Gold reindeer ornament with led lights placed in front of the house will enhance your Christmas decorations so it looks more attractive.
Simple outdoor christmas decorations by installing reindeer ornaments which are decorated with LED lights to make your Christmas decorations look perfect.
Reindeer ornaments with led lights look unique for your outdoor christmas decorations.

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2. Santa Boots

A pair of Santa boots can definitely work for your outdoor Christmas decorations DIY idea. You can manage it by sewing unused red fabric or making your DIY Santa boots from wax. Fill the boots with Christmas ornaments or simply colorful tiny stones and set a candle in the middle of each. 

Interesting Christmas decoration with DIY coconut milk boots in red looks simple. Add candy canes in it to provide the perfect Christmas vibe.
Santa boots with some Christmas ornaments for outdoor Christmas decorations will give a pleasant Christmas feel.
Creative outdoor christmas decorations with DIY Santa boots will look attractive. Fill it with a mini Christmas tree that will give a fresh Christmas feel.
Christmas ornaments put into Santa boots look attractive and creative for your outdoor Christmas decorations.
Polkadot sata boots look cute for your outdoor christmas decorations. Add a mini Christmas tree and red fruit so that it will give the perfect Christmas feel.

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3. Shooting Star Lights

Do you have a tree on your backyard and still have no idea what to do for your outdoor Christmas decorations? Don’t worry. The tree can be your best chance! Grab your long LED lights and set them like shooting stars. Some lights will be around the trunk and the lower parts of them can be on the ground. Put the lower light edges on different points to make them look like shooting stars on your outdoor space.

Easy and wonderful outdoor Christmas decorations with long LED lights arranged like shooting stars so it looks more festive.
If you have a tree in the backyard, add a long LED light then set it like a shooting star to make it look more beautiful and attractive.

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LED lights arranged like shooting stars provide beautiful lighting and give a pleasant Christmas feel.

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Using LED lights for Christmas decorations is the right idea. Arrange it like a shooting star on the tree behind your house so that it provides beautiful lighting.

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Outdoor christmas decorations by arranging LED lights in the trees so that like falling stars, will give a romantic feel which are fun.

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4. Twig Tree Lights

Christmas comes and lights are everywhere. It never goes wrong to have too many lights for your DIY Christmas decorations. Try making your DIY twig tree with lights. First, make sure you can plant the twig tree and it can stand still on the ground. Take your lights and set them around the twig to give some shapes. Happy trying! 

Decorate your twigs with lights wrapped around the twigs will give a perfect Christmas feel to your yard.

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Plant a twig tree in front of your house and decorate it with lights to give beautiful lighting in your Christmas party.

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Christmas is a happy moment. Outdoor Christmas decorations by placing tree lights in your yard will give a beautiful Christmas feel.

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Making DIY twigs planted in your yard for Christmas decorations will never fail. Add lights to your tree branches for beautiful Christmas lighting ideas.
Plant twig tree in front of your house and then add lights to decorate your branches to make it look festive for your Christmas decorations.

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See, it is absolutely amazing to have outdoor Christmas decorations DIY ideas. Have a fun way to décor your space!

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