Decorate the walls with visuals not merely using photos or pictures. Adding visuals to the wall decoration can add the impression of cherries. It also makes the wall not look boring and empty. Plus, very creative designers. In combining visual wall hangings you can play collaboration. For example, integrating the existing furniture, so that a kind of interaction occurs between them.

Another alternative is to add wall stickers or wall stickers. Many shops provide wall stickers that have attractive designs. Variations of wall stickers can be used as a medium to start decorating. This wall sticker has two types namely stickers with two colored sides so that colors can always be seen from both sides. In addition to that is a sticker that gets color from printing and has no color on the other side.

Many ways can be imitated to get beauty in decoration. In addition to adding wall stickers, you can use lightweight branches. Thus, wall stickers will increasingly come alive with branch accents. To get the beauty that is more riveting, games with light frames and lights can be an alternative. Like a Halloween party that tends to thick natural nuances. Branches have many uses. Your creative ideas can be useful here.

The branches will become a rustic feel if you don’t give any touch. However, if you want to make it more beautiful, it’s not a difficult thing. Adding a color instantly turns it into an enchanting decoration. Matching the color of the branch with the wall and its use will display the extraordinary feel of nature. This DIY decoration requires you to act more innovative. So that it can bring up new things like this. Among other creative ideas is the ability to combine colors and styles. So that everything seems to collaborate well.