Vintage is always synonymous with worn and old-fashioned goods. Then, what about the combination of the following two decoration styles? The combination of color and style is a very pleasant thing to talk about. Both of these will be the basis of the beauty of an interior design. Vintage style fans are no stranger to old-fashioned shades, wood material, and unique designs. However, lovers of modern nuances certainly know the color white well. Both of these interior design styles are now trending when combined as follows.

In general, white is the most neutral and beautiful color combined with any color. White color has a big impact on the appearance of a house. Broad and airy impression is very thick of white color. So that the narrow room will feel spacious. White color can also be applied in several rooms. The neutral nature of the white color will benefit the owner when choosing furniture inside. As with the combination of white and classic vintage nuances.

Overall, white is never wrongly combined with any color. As is the case with white and this classic style. Vintage style can turn white. So that both can be intertwined properly. Basically, the color brown is a sweetener in every interior design. For example, just by placing a vintage-style glass frame at the entrance. Vintage colors will look adorable combined with this white color.

When you will start decorating the house with vintage furniture. First determine the center point. An entrance with a dressing table decoration is very comfortable to see. Next is ensuring the surface of the wall or floor. White surface looks charming with vintage style furniture varnish. Additional desk drawers will display the old-fashioned feel that is thick with civilization.