Probably you only set your garden as the spot to have your greenery so that you can have the fresh air. Moreover, some of you might also utilize it as the outdoor gathering spot in some seasons. Anyway, you can absolutely give your garden an extra by adding the whimsy into it. What is mean here is that you could provide some decorative plants in certain characteristic and arrangement.

Maybe some of you still wondering on what is the interesting side by giving the whimsy into the garden. Well, basically beside for the decoration need because of its prettiness, it is also useful to give you awesome imagination. It is because the whimsy plants arranged into such a unique, pretty, and imaginative way as we do guarantee that you won’t be bored. Even more, you’ll feel happier to stay in your garden.

In hence, since having the whimsy in your garden space is quite worthy let’s talk about it more. Firstly, consider on the kinds of plants that you will use. Here, the most common plant used is the succulent. It is because succulent has the small size and exist in some different kinds of plants. Moreover, it is also really easy to maintain and cheap enough. You can arrange the succulent to create such an imaginative form based on your creativity.

At last, when you have found the plants that you are going to use, then you can start deciding on the planters. There are some planter design ideas that you can look at our references above. What you should do is just adjusting the design that you choose with your garden decoration concept. It is important because you can make such a good harmony for your garden if you can make all things look in harmony.