Moving to your very first apartment may take you in a challenging time to set up the space. If your apartment is spacious, it may be easier to do the setting. On the other hands, if your apartment is small, you need extra effort to organize the space and your stuffs. To help you on managing your space, there are some tips you can follow to make your new apartment feels like home.

In a small apartment, a minimal space should be maximized as much as possible. Besides, when you are going to choose the furniture, you have to know the available space and tricks so that it does not make your room gets too much.

This article will guide on how to organize your apartment rooms, like bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc. An apartment setting tends to focus on the quality rather than quantity. It offers you on what to have first. Like in the bedroom, a sublime bed can be your solution. As the bed is the focal point, you may remove the headboard to save the space. Moreover, for your living room, take the most prior elements like the sofa, coffee table, tv, and wall arts or bookshelf. These elements are enough to make a cozy living room.

Then, the next spot to manage is your entrway. A narrow cabinet, wall hooks, and mirror are the elements you can opt to create the first impression for guests. The mirror works well in giving you a check when you are coming and going. Furthermore, you also cannot ignore about lighting. Wall sconces, pendant lamps, table lamps are those you can opt for references. Even though, there is one interesting idea of lighting you can install for your under cabinet area, LED lighting idea never fail your kitchen look. Add pendant lamps over your dinning area to make an intimate impression when you are having a family dinner.