Undoubtedly that when Christmas comes, you will be really on fire to decorate your home. It is because Christmas is one of the most waited celebration in a year. Therefore, to bring out the Christmas spirit into your home is really worthy. Besides for your living room, dining room, Christmas tree and more, window can be the choice. Commonly you don’t give your attention into your windows and this is the time for you to give it.

Basically window is just a small part of your home, or it could be wide enough for some houses. This is the spot where you can look at the outside. In case Christmas is going to be in winter, to see through the window is really fun. You can see on how pretty the snow falls which is really calm and peaceful. Because of that fact, here windows start to take an important role in Christmas. That is why we do really recommend you to decorate your windows during the Chrismas month.

Talking about the decoration, firstly you can do it by giving the wreath. That will be the common decoration since wreath must be there in some of your seasonal decoration. In this case, you can hang it in the center of your window by using band or simply install it that way without using any rope. Moreover, for the material you can use pine leaves, pine, bell, and any Christmas decoration. To strengthen the Christmas spirit use the red, green, or white colors.

In addition, you can also manage it to look like greenery. Simply put it in the bottom part of your window and add it with some ornament. The other idea is by making the hanging ornament using some colorful bands and let the bell to be the additional ornament. For the detail references you can simply follow the pictures above. Choose the design based on your skill, budget, and time so that won’t be difficult to be crystallize.