Storages are very important to a kitchen. They play an important role since they help us to make our kitchen tidy. To avoid being cluttered, some of us prefer to use shelves to store herbs, dry food, jams, and even some kitchen utensils. Shelves are also effective to get around with small space. Consider floating shelves to make your kitchen more spacious.

But, some of us may be confused on choosing the right shelves for a small kitchen. Since the shelves must also be chosen based on aesthetical and functional value, the following gallery will give you some inspirations. Well, check these out!


Small spaces need some tricks. Let’s now play with shelves tricks. First, think about the nook as the best spot to place your shelves. Get your shelves as display area as well. Put the pretty items like plates, glasses, or bowls on long wooden shelves. This shelving idea tends to be rustic as well. Moreover, to give attractive mood, consider stained or reclamed wood that fits for most space. Another idea of shelves for small kitchen is an opened shelf. This kind of shelf eases you to get what you need quickly.

In addition, make your spare wall in the kitchen as your pantry. Open pantry stretched shelving to the ceiling works great for your small kitchen space. It is for sure that your kitchen will be more well-organized. Anyway, don’t forget the area above the sink. Provide shorter opened shelves to put your dish soap or potted plants. In general, there are numerous idea of kitchen shelving you may opt based on your kitchen style. So, make your kitchen more stunning with the right shelves idea.