Don’t you think it is a great idea to have an outdoor space at your house? Especially in the backyard, you can build a cozy family room inspite of having a swimming pool, a commercial garden, or a kitchen. The idea of an outdoor family room can be in the form of patio added with pergola. The area of the backyard is reprrsentative since you get more private space rather than those which are in the frontyard.

Designing your outdoor family room in the backyard is as challenging as your indoor family room. The design, the furniture, and also the ornaments can be added to express your need and taste. Besides., the outdoor space which offers you a natural view of your garden and sky totally create a good mood and ambiance. So, to give you more inspiration of a family room in the backyard, check the following pictures.

Your outdoor family room is the connection between togetherness and nature. So, focus to the landscape surround. The seats are the first thing to consider. You can opt some ideas of sofa, chairs, arm chairs, or woven chair as you need. Simply add cushions to get warmer touch. Then, pair your seats with a coffee table to put your meals and beverage. Opt the one which can accomodate your need. Then, for a better family room, some people consider to have a pergola to place lighting fixtures, fans, and curtain. This pergola also adds the nuance of formal yet elegant.

If you decide to have a pergola, it surely helps you to beautify your family room. You can do lots with it, like planting vines over the pergola so that they can make the your living room gets shade. To make an elegant nuance, you can match your sofa color with the curtain color. White will do perfectly. Besides, lighting plays an important role as it makes your outdoor family room looks like the paradise at night. Lanterns or string lamps can be your option to create a romantic yet dramatic ambiance in a happy family time. The last but not least, add natural touch by adding potted plants in your outdoor family room. It does not need too many as your garden has provided lots. So guys, be ready to make an outdoor family gathering. Have fun!