As one of the important decorations at home, wall clocks play a key role for our live. The proverb that says Time is Money represents how meaningful the time is. That’s why, wall clocks are the must have elements for our rooms, whether it is bedroom, living room, kitchen, or family room. 

What makes the idea of wall clocks becomes more interesting is that, they come with some unique designs that you can freely choose based on your room style or theme. Besides, there are lots of creative ideas to make DIY wall clocks ideas that you might try. You can see them in this article. So, check them out!

We cannot imagine that we are living without time. Wall clocks now find its invention to develop more contemporary, minimalist, simple, yet sophisticated. Since they come in a unique shape, your wall will be the focal point of those who come to your house. The first unique idea is recycling a bike wheel. Put the wheel mounts directly to the wall using a hollow wall anchor to give impression that the clock is floating on the wall. The similar idea is making a unique wall clock from old gears of wheels. Believe it or not, everyone who sees it will get amazed on your creative wall clock ideas.

For those who apply rustic living room style, a piece of fake wood can be your option to make a unique wall clock. Design it with natural wood color to make it looks like the real wooden wall clock. To your kids’ room, you can look for a wall clock which has more fancy design like cartoon or colorful design. Mikey Mouse or other characters that your kids love as the background of your wall clocks will make them appreciate how worthy their time is. Furthermore, if you look for a digital wall clock, it is suggested for you to opt an LED wall clock with calendar. It is simple yet sophisticated. Also, it is easy to read even for the visually challenged. Well, for mpre inspiring unique wall clocks, check the gallery so that you can find which idea fits to your rooms.