Obviously, it is something common for you to decorate your home based on the season changing. However, since the seasons are changing too fast, you might need some efforts and budget to so the decoration. Basically you can do any decoration with a low budget as long as you feel disposed to work harder to have it. What I try to tell you here is that you can have it by doing the DIY projects that will be so much more cheaper than purchasing things.

Therefore, in this part we are going to talk about the winter decoration since the season is going to be here soon. Talking about winter decoration, you have to focus on how the decoration could give you comfort. It is closely related with the weather where the snow will fall and the cold weather might make you feel not comfortable. The following pictures will give you references of what you should do.

From all of the rooms exist in your home, living room and bedroom could be your focus. It is because those two rooms will be the room that you mostly visit. Firstly, let’s talk about the bedroom. Since it is your private room and your rest room it is worthy to give your best effort here. Anyway, by providing your best blanket is enough. But, if you can put the warmer rug to comfort your feet then it will be so much better.

The second one is the living room. It is clear that living room is the important room in your home. As the gathering room, whether with family or friends you should make sure that your guests get the comfort. Basically it is quite easy to make your living room feels comfortable. The most crucial part here is the fire place. Make sure that your fire place can work well and can give your guests warm feeling. Then just like the bedroom, give your living room warm and proper rug to comfort the feet.