What have you prepared for your Christmas, guys? The decoration? Wine? BBQ party? Well, Christmas is full of happiness and joy. It is the time to share your love with all your family. Holding a party, visiting neighboors’ house, and spending time together are commonly activities done by some people in Christmas. 

But, one of the important thing that cannot be ignored is about the decoration. And, the most commonly used decoration is wreath. Now, talking about wreath as Christmas decoration cannot be separated from your creativity to make or modify it by yourself. Besides, you can also personalize it based on your personality.

There are hundreds idea of wreath. All of them are surely effective to beautify your house. Wreaths are usually hung on the front door to give welcoming and inviting impression. They also can be modified as fancy as possible. The first idea comes from a cute grapevine wreath which brings Christmas colors, green and red. Give accents using plaid ribbon and your initial name. Then, the second idea is light-up Christmas wreath. This kind of wreath shows its elegance at night by lighing up your doorway. You can use colorful LED lights to make it festive.

In addition, to complete your green wreath, you can make it a half part with greens and the rest half with ruffled burlap. This combination will surely makes some of your guests get amazed. Red ribbon and small bells are the must-have items to add. Moreover, get the one which is out of the box. A wrapped Christmas wreath idea offers you a unique and unusual look. You can wrap your circle with a certain fabric like cotton or rope. Decide your favorite color scheme, add some Christmas ornaments and green, then it is ready to live up your door. Well, to get more inspiring wreath ideas, check the gallery and find the one you love the most.