In a house, there will be a lot of room. The room has an important function. So you also have to think about appropriate designs for these rooms. With many rooms at home, there is one important room but it’s usually in the back . Actually, you will come to this room of course. And the room is a laundry room.

Every day you wear some outfit. It makes you have a lot of dirty outfits that you have to wash. For that, you must have a laundry room at home. If you only have a small room, don’t worry because you can still make the laundry room. The important thing is the function of the room can be fulfilled. Then, in designing a small room really needs extra thinking. That’s because you have to be able to design the placement of equipment there.

The pictures above are pictures of small space laundry room designs. The pictures above prove that a narrow place can turn into a good laundry room. As in the explanation above. The thing that really needs to be considered is the placement of laundry equipment there. If the room is large, you can place various equipment there. But because of this small room, then you must minimize the placement of equipment there. The important thing is that you place the washing machine, storage, a place to iron and hang for clothes there correctly.

Don’t forget you must pay attention to your comfort. With it, the activities there will be more comfortable. Besides being comfortable, you also have to make the laundry room better and not boring. The trick is to choose the right color for the room. White color is still an idol because it can make the room clean and spacious. So, for those of you who want to build a laundry room at home. Hopefully those pictures above can help you.