If you have an enough space in your front courtyard, then it can be your chance to make it into such a pretty landscaping. It is a good chance for you because you house can have an extra value if you are able to create a pretty landscaping there. Your guests will be in awe and they will even have their good impression of your house although they do not enter your house yet.

There are several things that you can do for your front courtyard landscaping in case to make it as wonderful as possible. It covers from the plants that you have to choose the right one, the planters, the lighting, and the walk path. Well, basically you can plan to fulfill those needs based on your personal taste, but don’t forget that you also need to adjust it with your home style so that all can be in harmony.

For the plants, better for you to have it in several kinds of green plants and some kinds of flower so that you can get the balance between the green leaves for the peaceful impression and the colorful flowers to give your landscape the beauty side. Adjust the planters design with your home style, where you can manage to have it in rustic design, boho, modern, or even the industrial one.

Your walk path will be the other thing that is also really important. You can use it as your outdoor entryway and give it a proper lighting or any decorative plants so that it can have its extra look design. Moreover, you can use it to maintain your landscape not to be stepped that will destroy your plants and garden decoration. Use our gallery above to be your references in designing your landscape. Have fun!