A cozy living room is everyone’s dream. To make it true, there are some aspects to consider like the furniture, color scheme, lighting, the arrangement, and so on. In dealing with a living room, it may be easier to organize the larger than the smaller one. Small living room forces us more to get some tricky ideas on managing our furniture.

There are some tips to make your small living room to be a larger one. By applying these smart tricks, it surely will make your small living room seems like it is larger. To get some smart tricks and inspirations, read the following description and check out the pictures.

It is not a secret anymore that applying white as your small room can make it looks airy and larger. This timeless color is suitable to apply for the wall, floor, and furniture. If you want to apply other colors, it would be welcomed. Blush pink, pale blue, and dusky lilacs will make a small living room fresher and more inviting. Next, choose the right seats that match to your need and living room style. If sofa gobbles up your living room space, then consider to replace it with snuggler. This idea will not lessen the convenience of your living room.

You cannot ignore the storages of your living room, for some newspapers or megazines. Get your storages hanging on the wall to save the space. Rattan baskets, shelves or racks can be hung up on the wall. Furthermore, get some functional furniture to maximize their functions in a minimal space you have. A coffee table or sofa with storage helps you to store your stuffs. Do the same idea by hanging a large mirror. It can help you to make your tiny space looks bigger and make a reflective light from its surface. Now, you do not need to be worried about your small living room as you can take some smart tricks above.