Having a neat kitchen is everyone’s dream. However, with so many items in the kitchen, it causes someone to be lazy to tidy up these items. especially if you often collect cooking utensils, cooking ingredients and others. Surely you will feel a little bother in tidying it up. So, for that, the KonMari method is the method that you should try to tidy up the items in your kitchen.

Konmari is a clean-up or tidying method introduced by a Japanese woman named Marie Kondo. Konmari focuses to determine which items you want to keep or discard with joy or happiness as a determinant. The key to the Konmari method is to organize items in certain categories. So it can be said that you have to group the thing in one place so that a neat arrangement will be created. To more know about this method, we present some pictures below about the Konmari method for tidying your kitchen. Let’s see it!

With the items arranged neatly, it will make the heart feel happy. You can see from the pictures above, how beautiful these items are. and that can be created with this amazing konmari method. Like one example from the picture above, you can group or categorize items into one place or one container. Like food ingredients, you can provide a few jars that are used to store the food then arrange it on a shelf or kitchen cabinet. With that, the appearance will be more beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

So, from now on, you can change the appearance of the kitchen to be more neat and beautiful by using this konmari method. This method has been done by many people, and it can be said that this method is very successful. You can use some pictures above as your inspiration in arranging your kitchen. Don’t hesitate to try it and make the kitchen more beautiful with this konmari method.