Interior design is a great opportunity for you to be creative. In addition, interior design plays an important role in displaying the personality of the house. Furthermore, doing so is available in many ways. Starting from wall stickers to make a decoration that looks alive. The point is this, making a decoration look lively is adding a real decoration. Like the Christmas celebration. A pine tree looks like a real decoration in a house.

Well, make it the same as Christmas celebrations. Carrying the concept of decoration with a tree in the house you can imitate. Then change it to a new style you can do. This decoration idea is different from a real Christmas. So you can change the color, style and decoration of this tree. Overall, the natural color of the tree is green. However, it is very possible for you if you want to change it to another. Like the color white, red, or brown. This can be adjusted to the harmony of the home atmosphere.

If you are a beginner to design, here are the tips. This interior design idea to get you started. When you do the decoration, pay attention to the corner of a room. The corner room will play an important role in displaying beauty. Next, pay attention to the height and width of the angle. This was stiffened to adjust the size of the imitation tree to the area of ​​the room.

Imitation trees that are too large will take up too much space. So it looks redundant and does not attract attention. Green is a natural color and is generally owned by most of the world’s trees. So it will be more charming if you display trees in the house with the same color. You will feel outside the room.