Wall is the spot to display, whether it is art works, photos, wallpaper, or any other ornaments to beautify your rooms. The wall, then, helps to create ambiance in that room. If you put interesting ornaments on the wall, it will be the room’s focal point. Any wall of your rooms can be a display point anywany. 

There are many ideas of making your wall more practical and functional by considering to aesthetical value. So, just don’t let your wall plain. The folloeings are some ideas on how to decorate your wall to be more interesting one. Just check them out!

Wall decoration enables you to transform and refresh your room. It is one of the ways to make your house feels like home. If you are now looking for ideas to amp up your rooms by wall decoration, consider a large art work or framed photo. No matter how wide your space it, this idea never fails you. An oversized painting or photo will pay more attention for those who come. The next idea is creating a gallery wall. This idea adds personality and color for your wall. What to display is a collection of art works or photographs. Go simple but cohesive to make an artistics spot.

The third idea is giving accents to the wall itself. Choose the brighter colors, certain pattern, or apply wallpaper sounds interesting. For a small space, this idea will contribute great impacts. Moreover, to get around with small space, like living room or bathroom, you can hang mirrors on the wall to make the impression of larger space than the real it is. Mirrors also help you on making a natural light reflexion for your dark room. What about hanging plates? Why not! Why do you hide your ceramic plate if you can show them off? Wire plate hangers can be your solution for put them on the wall. The last but not least is just bring your plants to give natural touch for your wall. Go with hanging or wall-mounted planters to add a the feel of nature to your space and live up the wall. So, which idea will you try for your wall?