Some people decide to live in an apartment because of practical reason. Trying to make the apartment feels like a home is not an easy thing anyway. Especially, the one whose space is small. If you have some furnitures, you surely need larger space. Thus, you might be little bit confused to organize your stuffs.

Fortunately, this article will show you some tricky ideas to get around with your small apartment, in terms of interior design. You do not need to be worried anymore and you can share the tricks to your friends with the same problems. The followings are some of the apartment interior design pictures that may inspire you. Enjoy.

Designers say that organizing your furniture is the key of managing a small space. One of the tricks to manage it is keeping your furniture off the floor. Use furniture that sits high up off the floor to make your small apartments looks bigger. A long tapered legs sofa is one of the right furniture for a small space. Next, applying white for some elements like ceiling, floor, and wall is believed as an effective way to make your tiny room seems like getting larger than the real it is. Also, a glass door is another idea to make a larger impression for a small space. You can have it for your bathroom or living room.

Moreover, putting a rug usually becomes the idea to beautify your rooms. This idea works well for both hardwood or tile. If your apartment does not separate living room and dining room, you can separate it using furniture like sofa, cupboard, or curtain. The can be like a wall that separate the two rooms. In addition, you have to consider to use your space vertically. For instance, opt a high bookshelf rather than the longer one. You can also have floating shelves to display your collection and luckily you will still have a free space under the shelves to put other elements. Then, you can switch to deal with lighting. Consider to have wall sconces to light up your space. Some wall sconce options can be plugged into the wall, so you do not have to worry about the whole wiring problems. Well, be ready to apply the tricks for your well-organized small apartment.