Be out of the box in designing your kitchen. Consider dark color rather than the bright ones to look different yet still cozy and fabulous. Some poeple may not be brave enough to decorate their kitchen with dark color, but in this article you will see how dark color makes your kitchen sleek and pretty inviting.

Black, navy blue, charcoal grey or forest green are some examples of colors that are commonly used as kitchen dark color scheme. These colors help to create sleek and will be loved by the whole family. To show you how dark kitchens become inspiring ideas, check out the gallery and description below.

The paint, flooring, furniture, and cabinets are the elements that show darker colors can be applied beautifully. Starting from the wall color, dark colors create a restful color scheme. You can match your dark wall with your cabinets or just make a statement wall to create a dramatic ambiance. Besides, the dark cabinets that is combined with white wooden flooring or white back splash to reach monochrome style sound so good.

In addition, it cannot be denied that dark kitchen need extra lighting. But, at day, you can provide a larger glass window or door to get natural light or white wall to brighten the wall. The next idea is green cabinets that make a symphony and add warmth to a modern kitchen. You can freely match it with brown wooden flooring and white backsplash to balance the color. Don’t forget your dining area. Choosing dark colored dining table and chairs can also make a deep luxury impression. Balance this dark dining table with pendant light over the table to create bright yet romantic dinner. To get more illustration and inspiration. Go check out the gallery and the pictures of dark kitchen will make you amazed.