Kitchen is the heart of the house where someone will cook delicious food for his family there. Almost every day you will be in the kitchen to cook. For this reason, you must also pay attention to the appearance of your kitchen. Just like another room. The kitchen also has important furniture there. And today, the kitchen becomes one with the dining room. The reason because it is easy to serve the delicious food.

With the form of a kitchen that is become one with the dining room. Then you have to prepare important furniture there. It is a dining table with seating. There are lots of designs from dining tables that you choose. The design is about the size, shape, material and color. However, you must use the dining table with granite Kitchen Island which is very impressive. Like the pictures below! Let’s see!

Granite is the most popular igneous rock. Granite is formed from the freezing process of magma which takes place gradually and slowly in the earth. Physically, granite is gray, white, and a combination of both. The color depends on the chemical process and the mineral content in it. Granite is also very famous because you can make many objects that exist in everyday life with this, for example for kitchen cabinets and also for dining room tables like the picture above.

There are so many advantages of granite for home furniture. The advantages are durable, not easily crack, and able to give the impression of luxury, easy to clean, scratch-resistant, easy maintenance and also suitable for minimalist style homes. Then, with many advantages from the granite. Choosing granite Kitchen Island is the right thing because it is able to make the appearance of a room to be very beautiful. So, you have to try it at your home from now on.