Due to the proper home facilities, if you have such a wide yard then it is worthy for you to build a swimming pool. Even though it is only in a small size but it is enough to make some fun there. However, you have to make sure that you adjust your swimming pool size with the wide of your yard. Because the greenery is also important to bring fresh air so that you can’t ignore it.

First of all, to make sure that you have the great one, you should also consider on the design. It is known that swimming pool can be designed into certain unique forms. Because the rectangular form is too boring for some people, then people start to create their own pool design. Especially if it is their own private swimming pool, then people can have their freedom to design their pools.

Beside for the function as the pool, you can utilize your small garden swimming pool as the sweetener of your garden. Therefore, what you have to do is just adding the proper furniture into your garden. Place it near the pool and you can have such a romantic dinner together with your love one. It is really worthy because the pool can give such a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

The last one, to make sure that your garden has its proper design, then just add it with the decoration. Since it is located in outdoor space so that you need to relate it with the exterior design. First of all, give enough greenery in gorgeous planters. The second one, provide proper lighting to cover your night gathering. After that, provide the proper furniture to fulfill your outdoor needs.