An elegant bathroom which is cozy and enjoyable is the perfect relaxing room everyone dream about. No matter what style you adopt and how much space you have, as long as you can create a good ambiance for your bathroom, we guarantee that you will love spending much time there. As your private room, bathroom will pamper you when you feel so tired and want to be relaxed.

Bathroom shower knows well what you need about delighted moment in the bathroom. There are a wide range of bathroom shower ideas you can have, and some will be presented in this article. Do you want to know more on how stunning they are? Just scroll down this page to look at the pictures!


The idea of having shower in the bathroom sounds good since it fits to any bathroom style. Whether you have a bathtub or only a shower room, it will be alright. Besides, it creates the stunning and modern appeal for your bathroom. In accordance with a small bathroom, using shower will save your space and make it more functional and practical. Another adventage of using bathroom with shower is that you can enjoy your time to do bathing in a very private way. 

If you want to create seamless transition between your shower room and the rest bathroom area, a transparent glass  is the right material to make a shower room. What makes it unique is that it also make your small bathroom look like more spacious than the real it is. Moreover, if you want to make your bathroom more airy, you can have a window in your shower room. It will surely give a huge effect to its dimension. The next idea is about making one space to accomodate your shower and steam room. Don’t forget to provide a bench or two to make you more comfortable, if your space is available. For those who want to have a simple bathroom shower, go with white subway tiles and a transparent glass window. More inspiring ideas are provided in the gallery. Which idea do you love tge most?