In decorating your house, you cannot ignore to choose the right furniture. It aims at creating the impression of your house. Some people will also consider the best style for their decoration. Minimalist, rustic, industrial are some styles to choose. But, whatever the style is, the setting and material of the furniture totally contribute the whole look of the house.

Talking about the material of your furnitire, wood becomes one of the interesting material to have. Wood is now popular because of its natiral edge which is left uncut. Besides, it also brings natural look to make a warmth at any rooms. Check the examples below.

Live edge wood offers a real beauty againsts human-created smooth surfaces. It directly makes your house get lively and deep rustic. Well, let’s us take some examples of live edge wood furniture that enhance your interior design. The first idea is floating shelf. With live edge wood style, this floating shelf can be placed on the wall in any rooms, like bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. You can have this shelf in the kitchen to store your plates and bowls. In addition, you can have a live edge wooden dining table to complete your rustic dining room. You do not need a finishing process to keep it more rustic.

Furthermore, a live edge wooden coffee table looks so impressive for your living room. With its length and shape, it surely accomodates your need of a unique table. Can you imagine a live edge wooden countertop? What an amazing idea it is! This idea seems to be crazy but giu know, it inpired many people to do that. Live edge wood does not only come with the idea of shelf, table and chair, and countertop, but it brings some unusual ideas of live edge lighting, headboard, wall mirror, bench, and many more. Just look at the gallery and get the ones you love to enhance your cozy house.