Do you like hanging out to the cafe, mall, restaurant, or other tourist objects? If you are those who like hanging out to any cozy places you may find relaxing moment. But, don’t you want to make your home like those place you like to visit? Have you known that your home can be that cozy and enjoyable place for you and all your family members. Just have a look to your backyard. This is the right place to get together with family.

Nothing is impossible like change your backyard into a small paradise at home. It can also be your favorite spot to hang out and spend your spare time. If you have no idea about the tricks to make it true. The following will be presented some pictures and ideas to make your backyard more beautiful and inviting.


Don’t be worried about your budget if you want to make over your backyard into a special hang out spot. Upgrading your backyard does not mean to be costly and luxurious, you just need to think it to be practical yet functional. First idea is building a deck or patio. It is the best way to begin if you are too confused what to have first. Build a deck or patio from wooden material and complete it with a cute seat with cushions. To jazz up your patio, give an extra large rug. It helps you to make an intimate impression among all members of the family to chat or lay down on the ground. Opt the one which has a pop color or pattern like stripes or floral. It is the way to change up the space without process of painting or staining. 

Moreover, consider to create a path from stones or bricks to make an easy access point from your house to the backyard. For those who like gardening, you can plant some greenery or flowers to make your backyard more colorful and fancy. Besides, if you are lucky of having larger backyard space, you can have a small swimming pool. Your kids will love to swim there in a sunny Sunday morning, right? Well, the decoration will not perfect without a dramatic lighting. Install string lights from the pergola to give starry night feel. Lanters are the next options to make a romantic lighting touch for your night hang out. So, be ready for a cheap yet interesting hanging out in your backyard.