Having a roof terrace is a plus point for a home. Not only it is interesting, but it also can be an outdoor spot to get together with your family. Even, you can held a small party there. You can have your spare time there by doing simple things like enjoying sun bathing and a cup of morning tea, reading megazines, listening to the music, having breakfast, and many other activities depend on the way you set up your roof terrace.

There are a wide range of roof terrace setting ideas that you actually can opt. All of them will pamper you in your spare time. To make your roof terrace more exciting, add elements like seats, dining area, firepit, or even pergola. So, to guide you on this topic, just read the description and have a look at the pictures below.

As having a roof terrace is a present, you have to opt the best idea to spend your relaxing moments there. If the surroundings is a big city, you may held a romantic dinner with candles there and enjoy the night view from your roof terrace. Isn’t that amazing? Provide lounge and dinner zone is the first idea to throw a party. Put some seats and a table to accomodate the person you invite. Add lighting to give dramatic touch, like installing string lights or any other moody lights. They help to create the nuance of inviting for your roof terrace if you want to spen night time there, both party or dinner.

Moreover, to spend your time in summer, it is possible for you to provide a large tv, so that you can have a movie time together with your family. On the other hands, you can add a firepit as the complement to have relaxation zone in a cold weather. Som designers suggest to add pergola in the roof terrace to beautify this special spot. It can also be the place to install lighting fixtures and fans, if they are needed. Besides, you can feature your roof terrace with a small yet amazing garden. Use some planters and plant some flowers or house plants. Have you ever thought to have a small kitchen in the roof top? Why not! It is not a crazy idea since a kitchen is a.perfect thing to have if you like to grill steaks by yourself and held a BBQ party. Wow, have you got the best idea to set up your roof top now?