Your garden can represent your characters. This opinion is true since you give your touches for every inch of your garden space to be a comfortable place to deal with. In designing your garden, you will find it as challenging as designing your interior. You have to consider some aspects to make it the coziest ever. Garden is also the place to display your creativity in mix and match color through plants and flowers and some ornaments. 

To enjoy your time in the garden, you can provide seats as well, so that you can spend your spare time with your family. Thus, a cozy garden can be your extra space for family room. Well, to make your garden well-organized, there are some aspects to consider. Read the following description and have a look at the pictures.

To decorate your garden, the first thing comes to your mind will surely the plants. There are hundred plants you can choose, but you have to consider the seasons as well. Take the flowers which are out-of-season, so that it can make color scheme for your garden. Make spring and early summer as the great start. Then, make the lawn into shapes, it should not always square or rectangle, oval, circle, or oblong shapes are nice. Also, you can use evergreen shrubs at the end of every border.

To make your garden get more private, boundary wall, fence or hedge may be the greatest element. Moreover, the idea of adding water features, like a water fountain or fish pond sound interesting to fill the empty space. Don’t forget the lights. This idea is the way to create athmosphere in your garden. Whether it is string of fairy lights or lantern, that will be nice to create dramatic yet romantic ambiance. The next idea is consider to give a space of your garden for kids to play. Give a zone for your kids to play with their outdoor toys since they love to play outdoor, sometimes. To get more ideas, check out the gallery. The pictures can be your references.