In designing your home, what come first on your mind will be the furniture, ornaments, wall, and lighting. But, don’t forget the floor. You know that floor design helps you to create ambiance for your whole room look? It is totally true as it gives both color and pattern to beautify and amp up the room.

Whether it is hardwood, tiles, or any other ideas of floor designing, it is important to not only think about aesthetical value of its pattern, but you also have to consider the safety, durability, and practical value. One more thing that we should remember when choosing the right floor ideas is about how it is easy to install. Well, to know deeper about how patterned floor  make a stunning style for your home, check the following gallery. 

There are many ideas of patterned flooring for interior design which bring their own characteristic toward the whole room impression. Straight lay grid tile pattern is the first idea that comes with its simplicity to combine with other type, color, or texture of ceramic tile. This pattern works well for any size and looks like a natural stone. The second idea is diagonal grid tile pattern that brings a visual interest. This kind of pattern is suitable to open up a small bathroom and expands a tiny kitchen.

If you want to get a little bit unique pattern, consider to have chevron pattern. It is the combination of rectangular tiles with angled ends. The characteristic of this pattern is that it gives an intricate appearance for a room focal point. Besides, for those who are still getting confused on dealing with smaller space, herringbone tile pattern can be another solution. This pattern features a widening angles that works very well in a small room like kitchen or bathroom. The last but not least is hopscotch tile pattern. Hopscotch is made of a combination of large and small square tiles that creates a playful and interesting look for your room. For more inspiring idea of patterned floor, check the gallery and find the one you love for your room.