Living room is a right place to get together with your family. The nuance of cozy and airy of your living room makes you want to spend more time there. That’s why the decoration and design of your living room must be as inviting as possible to attract anyone.

To bring romantic and dramatic ambiance for your living room, lighting plays an important role. There are some amazing fixture lights and lamps that are designed with different purposes. Choose the ideas of lighting depend on your need. Check out the following gallery, to get inspiring lighting ideas that are suitable for your living room.

First, to soften the edges, you can install wall light. Wall lights will bounce light back into the living room and get it cozier. It also gives the room more depth than overhead lights. If you choose a traditional living room style, ornate sconces are the great option. This lighting idea has intricate and stylish impression that look perfect on a traditional living room. For a perfect look, you can install it above the eye level to avoid any glare.

For those who are into mid-century style, the best lighting idea is installing chandeliers or statement pendant lights. They will create a dramatic mood for your living room at night. Moreover, for some industrial living rooms, pendant lights bring the vibe and great ambient lighting. What about lanterns? Well, for a Morrocan living room style, lanterns never fail the look. Mix lanterns of different sizes and put them on the floor with cushions. Then, your living room will be a super romantic yet cozy place to spend your family time. So, which lighting idea you love the most?