To have a home garden is really awesome! It won’t only related to the decorative reason but also for its function. Basically, there are some advantages that you can get by having your own home garden where the most basic advantage is that you can have a proper greenery. You will have a good air quality if you can serve lot of greenery which is really useful for your health.

Next, you know that it is awesome to have an outdoor gathering in case to have it in your living room is boring already. You can provide some furniture in your garden like coffee table, chairs, fire pit, and other things that may needed to regale your guests. However, the outdoor may won’t be able to be used in certain weather like rainy or snowy but it is really awesome in summer or spring.

Related to the appropriateness of the garden for children, it will be really awesome if you can provide mini playground there. If you have lot of budget then you can make the complete one, but if you have budget limitation then simply provide the sliding or swing into the garden and your kids will get a really good time there. Moreover, it is also really worthy if you gather your family or friends who have kids so that they can also enjoying the gathering moment.

The other advantage of having your own mini playground is that you can save your budget because you don’t need to take them go to the public playground. Moreover, you can also make sure that your kids are playing in a safe place and clean at the same time so that you can keep them healthy. In contrary, it is really different if you bring them to the public playground where there are so many kids that can contaminate your kids health.