House is an object that has a lot of room inside. These rooms are including living room, family room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, laundry room and others. The room has different functions. And you will definitely come to that room every day because it is important room. With that condition, you can’t let the room become monotonous. And you have to decorate it to be more beautiful of course.

There are many ways you can do to decorate the room at home. And one of them is choosing furniture that is good and functional. Actually, the furniture will not be enough to decorate a room. You have to do other ways that are easy and can be done by anyone. And that is by placing a unique wall decor in the room. Actually, you can turn all items to become stunning wall decor. You just need to use all your abilities and start making it like the pictures below.

At the time if you have collection items at home. That is a profitable thing. You can make beautiful wall decorations with these items with the right arrangement. In one of the pictures above. Only  with several collections of paintings or family photos. You can create cool wall decorations with those items. You only need to arrange the painting or photo on the wall with a neat or random arrangement. It’s according to your wishes. And combine with other items that can give a different impression of the wall. So, a cool and stunning display will be created with it.

And from now on, so you must collect all your collection items and start designing the wall decor in your house. You must determine what items that you will make a wall decor, and then choose a strategic place for you to place this wall decor. Make a good wall decor so that the rooms look more beautiful. Good luck!