Have you prepared your Christmas decorations? What about the garlands? Just remember this kind of ornament since garlands seem to be a must-have decoration in Christmas. But, what about having no much budget to buy lots of garlands? Don’t be worried, making garlands by yourself is much more interesting, you know? What you need are little bit creativity and enough time to make them beautiful and inspiring.

Garlands are one of Christmas decorations that can be made by yourself with DIY process. You can make it by what you have in hand, like ribbon, vines, flowers, and so on. To make your Christmas memorable, this decoration is placed in some places like above the fire place, the handrail, on the wall, doorway, mantel, and many more. DIY garlands will be as stunning as those in the stores though. Look at the gallery to get more DIY garlands inspiration.

The materials are 26-gauge paddle wire, wired twine, 1 bunch silver dillar eucalyptus, 1 bunch seeded eucalyptus, 1 bunch lemon leaf, and 1 bunch Italian ruscus. First off all you have to cut all the greeneries into 8-inch pieces and separate them into pile. Gather 3-5 stems in a bunch  then wrap the ends of the greenery stems with wired twine, leave extra length of twine for hanging your garlands. Do not cut the twine since it will act as the garlands’ spine. Bind the ends with 26-gauge paddle wire, wrap about 4-5 times or until they are totally secured. Do not cut wire.

After that, place the second bunch 2 inches down the spine to cover the stems of the first bunch. Do continue layering greenery bunches and secure them with wire until you have reached the desired garland length. Never cut the wired twine until garland is completed. Add snowy cotton stems and fairy lights to make a dramatic impression. You can also customize your garlands with red ribbons, baubles, and snowflakes. Hang garlands in your living room, porch, dining room, etc to create a deep feel of Christmas.