Designing a bedroom cannot be separated from your wife’s opinion on how to manange the space and what furniture to have. Surely you will ask her what she needs to accomodate her need and feeling in organizing your bedroom. As the bed is the focal point, your wife will ask for a dresser. It is the furniture she needs to help her manage her stuffs. 

But, the problem happens when she need a wider and longer dresser that may use more space. Moreover, a woman usually makes the top of the dresser becomes a catchall for strewn jewelry, unread books, and toiletries. These habits do not seem to be effective for a good decoration in your bedroom. So, let this article be your best guideline for organize a dresser for your wife. 

There are some ideas of the best dresser we will describe in this article. The first is for those who adopt minimalist and modern style for the bedroom, white 8-drawers dresser. As minimalist style looks elegant with white, this dresser will make it true. The eight drawers with metal runners accomodate more stuffs, of course! This kind of drawer goes well in a small bedroom to light up the dark. The second one is rustic oak dresser with 6-drawers. You will be amazed on how this dresser completes your rustic bedroom. This dresser comes with 5 years guarantee anyway. The next is about wooden dresser with 6-drawers which looks so classic yet classy. All the drawers are designed to have extra deeper to additional storages. This dresseer offers you the best solution of functionality on the top.

On the other hands, if you do not have enough budget on buying the new dresser for your wife, you can repaint the old one. This is the effective way to spice up an old dresser without spending much money. You can ask your wife what her favorite color to her dresser or just ask her the appropriate color to match with your bedroom concept. To make a more interesting point for your wife’s dresser, you can hang a square or round mirror on the wall over the dresser. Also, for a more aesthetic reason, a large painting sounds good as well. Beautify the top of the dresser with a small potted plant or fragrant flowers on a glass vase. Well, with your lovely touch on the dresser surely makes your wife get amazed.