Having such a clean tile impression is everyone’s dream. Because of that, people choose to have the plain tile than the patterned one. However, there are still some people left who like patterned tile. Those people are commonly the one who love aesthetic thing. Therefore they try to bring the art into their any part of decoration including the tile. They don’t mind if their tile won’t have that clean impression because the art can cover anything.

Anyway, talking about the patterned tile, ussualy it is applied into Boho or classic decoration style. As you know that Boho always bring something aesthetic with so many pattern, shape, texture, and colors. That is why the patterned tile will fit well for your Boho decoration style. Moreover, you can also apply it for your classic home decor. It is because classic also bring pattern into their tile although it is not as complicated as the Boho have.


In addition, to give you chance in having the design that you really want, you can do it your self. Especially if you have the skill in painting. In this case, you just need to paint your tile by using stencils. For your references, you can check out our pictures above. There are so many unique pattern design that you can choose. Probably you have to adjust your skill in doing the art thing with the design so that you won’t get trouble.

The last one is for the spots where you can apply the stencils into the tile. Basically you can apply it into any tile that exist in your room. But here, you might can classifiy it into the flooring and wall tile. For the wall, because mostly it is only in small part then it will be easier. For example, the ceramic tile in your kitchen countertop wall or backsplash. Then for the flooring you will need more time here because it will be quite spacious.