It will never end when we talk about plants. It can be said that we can breathe because there are plants in this world. If there is a garden at home, it will bring a positive atmosphere there. I’m sure, there will definitely be at least 1 type of plant in your house. Especially if you have a garden at home, surely you will have various types of plants that thrive there.

If you already have a garden with various plants at home. You must try new things that have never been thought of in your mind. The new thing is to create an indoor garden in the house. Put a garden in the house is a brilliant idea because it has many benefits. Then, there are so many ways you can do to create an indoor garden, one of which is by placing water plants there like some pictures below that we have presented to all of you. Let’s see it!

From the word “water plants”, you will surely know that this is a plant that is planted in water. So, the media to grow is water and not soil like other plants. Many types of water plant that you can choose as an indoor garden in your homes, such as wandering jew, lemon balm, succulent, basil, thyme, or lucky bamboo. And the advantage of placing water plants in the house is not only useful for refreshing the house but also can be a stunning home decoration. So, this is something you must try at your house.

Then, for those of you who plan to create an indoor garden with water plants. Choose a strategic place first, then start buying various water plants that you like. Make sure you keep changing water periodically so that the plant stays alive. Don’t forget to also choose a unique and attractive plant vase that looks fresh and not boring. Good luck!