When you have a plan to build a house, surely you will think of everything about the best design of the house. The design consists of how the shape of the house and all rooms with various interiors there. However, from the many rooms at home, here we will discuss the bathroom which is an important room in the house.

In the bathroom, there are various interiors such as bath up, shower, sink, and storage that used to store all your toiletries. Besides that, thinking about bathroom design must also be well thought out. And one thing that is usually not thought of is the selection of a bathroom floor which will actually have an influence on a bathroom. We have selected some of the best pictures of the bathroom floor that you should see below. Let’s see it!

Floor is one item that must be chosen correctly. Because it’s about the bathroom floor, the floor is different from the floor in the living room or bedroom. A non-skid bathroom floor with a rough texture is the best choice for a floor that is useful to avoid slipping or falling in the bathroom. Many types and motifs are presented from the bathroom floor as shown above. So, you can choose it by adjusting to the bathroom concept that you created or you can adjust it to the basic color of the bathroom wall there.

So, for those of you who are still confused about choosing a design from the bathroom floor. Make some pictures above as your reference. Choose one of the designs from the picture above that you like then you can go to the store to find the same floor as the image you chose. If you don’t find the same, you can choose according to what you like. So, don’t worry about that. Good luck!