Living in an apartment now becomes the choice of some people. They prefer living there for practical reason. They might think that live in an apartment gets easier than have to build a house. But, it cannot be denied that in some apartments, the rooms are not spacious. So, they cannot put the stuff or goods they have in an effective way. Then, for those who live in apartments, they must have tricky ideas to get around with this problem.

Your rooms in an apartment, especially the kitchen needs more attention as you spend more time there. It is the room where you share your love to all your family through the meal you cook. On the other hands, you have to get a good mood while cooking that’s why the design of your kitchen should be on your first list to be considered.

Though you have smaller space than a house, it does not mean that you cannot arrange your rooms as beautiful as a house. For your kitchen, a good arrangement of functional furniture and cleanliness are those two important things to focus. Now,the good news is that you can maximize your minimal space with some smart tricks. Here they are. First, if you usually hang your pans on the wall, replace this way into using pegboard which may accommodate more pans and frying pans and look mote well-organized. Next, use smaller furniture like a small dining table to give other furniture space.

For having another storages, add shelving under your island countertop. It is very helpful since you will have an extra storage for small dishes, magazines, and cookbook. Besides, the idea of having this kind of storage eases you to reach items you need. Don’t forget about shelving ideas. Floating shelves will help you to put the items like plates and glasses. If you have some ceramics, floating shelves are the right idea to display it. Moreover, a standing shelf will be your next solution to as storages. Put it beside your fridge if it is possible. The idea of having drawers, magnetic knife rack, and some holders for platters are the other smart tricks you may use.