Gathering with friends is a moment that is highly anticipated by everyone. Everyone will feel happy when they hear that they are planning a gathering, whether with friends, family, or even the closest people. When you want to hold a gathering you surely think that a living room is just an ordinary room and almost every day is there. So you need a new place, safer and more comfortable place to gather. So you really have a quality time with a friend.

When you haven’t seen each other for a long time, there are certainly many things you want to tell so you need the most comfortable place so that no one else will disturb your quality time. Have you ever thought that a garden is the most comfortable place for a gathering? Garden not only makes the house more lively and beautiful, but the garden is also able to provide a comfortable space to gathering with the closest people. So the presence of a garden has a very important role in a dwelling.

When you know that gardens are the best place to welcome your friends, it’s time to design and maintain a garden very well. To make a garden you do not need to worry with large or narrow land. Because at this time, you can have the best park with a variety of land sizes. Landscape garden is a garden that is becoming a favorite for modern homes. In general, this type of garden uses a lot of vacant land on the porch of your house which usually only becomes a space that is not utilized, so it is time to changes it becomes a beautiful and comfortable landscape park to be occupied.

In general, the garden is still part of the house. To make a garden you can use one side of the house for you to make a garden. Garden design around a swimming pool can be a very appropriate idea. In addition, equipping the garden with benches or sofas will add to your comfort while relaxing there. Complementing the garden with a gazebo or even the roof will keep you from exposure to the sun during the day.