Table is one of the important pieces of furniture that must exist in the living room. Usually, someone buys a sofa that is equipped with a table there. So, you have to accept however the shape of the table because it’s already a set with the sofa that was bought. Sometimes, someone feels dissatisfied with this table because it is considered less functional. So, designing a unique table for living room by yourself is something you can do from now.

Actually there are many designs of unique tables to choose from. If in the furniture store there is a table that is sold alone or not with the chair, it’s an advantage for you because you only need to adjust it to the sofa at home. However, if you don’t find it, you can design your own unique table that you will place in your living room. So, we have summarized various designs from this table that can be your inspiration. Look at some pictures below!

Because of taking a unique table theme, this table must be different from other tables. Unique can create by designing the shape of the table. So, you must make this table with a unique shape. Look for materials that fit the concept of the room there. But using wood as the best material you can choose from. Besides making a table with a unique shape, you also need to think about the function of the table. Don’t let the function be lost because you are more concerned with the shape of the table.

So, for those of you who are looking for references in making unique table designs for living rooms, you can use some images above as your reference. Choose one of the designs from the table, then start to make it at home. But don’t forget to match it with the sofa you have. Good luck!